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A new era of car‑sharing

Advantages of car-sharing

What are the benefits of choosing Share Now?

Car-sharing offers an efficient alternative to car ownership, eliminating the need to buy or lease a vehicle. The Share Now fleet is strategically located throughout the city, providing convenient access. Whether you need a quick 2-minute ride or a 2-week rental, it's all accessible through one app. Share Now operates in 16 major cities across 8 European countries, ensuring availability wherever your journey takes you. Furthermore, our car-sharing program includes insurance, parking, and maintenance, ensuring your peace of mind.

Our pricing is both comprehensive and flexible, functioning much like a pay-per-minute system. You won't encounter monthly fees or long-term commitments. Simply pick the rate that best fits your needs through the app and pay only for the time you use. Plus, our included insurance ensures you can drive with confidence and peace of mind.

With our free-floating car-sharing service, our vehicles are readily available everywhere! Simply select a nearby car, start your journey using the app, and finish by conveniently parking the vehicle on a different street. It's that straightforward.

We've completely removed the need for car rental stations, which means there are no closing hours—ever. Our cars are available around the clock, 24/7, so you can skip the need for advance planning. When you come across an available Share Now car, you can easily hop in and start your journey.


Share Now cars in Europe

Enjoy premium cars – All of this luxury, without the hefty price tag. We have a passion for providing exceptional drives and exclusively offer the most renowned car models for your convenience. When you choose car-sharing with Share Now, you're constantly in control of the world's most sought-after and exhilarating vehicles. So go ahead, ignite some envy.

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